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2018+ X-Star Wakesurf Settings?

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  • 2018+ X-Star Wakesurf Settings?

    What wake surf settings/weight is everyone using for their 2018+ X-Star?

    I'm finding the starboard side wake is pretty exceptional w/ the right steep/mellow settings - and less impacted by weight/distribution.

    I am still messing w/ port side and wondering what everyone is doing to clean up that side of things?

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    We run 100% on all ballast with the starboard tab at 50% and speed at 11.4-11.6. That gets us a long and steep wave that has lots of push. Moose, fourfourty and other guys with more experience with the xstar will chime in I’m sure.


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      Do you have a 18, 19, or 20?

      Typically, factory steep setting works great at higher speeds than the stock setting. Run left steep and speed up to 11.8.

      Also, put 150lbs of lead in the bow, and 150 under the observer seat.


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        great feedback, i'm running a 2019


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          2019 xStar

          Surfed the Star for 450+ hours and tried countless settings. Our family prefers a firm lip. Normal crew size is 4 adults and 2 50lbs kids. This is the setup we have settled on:

          Speed: 11.4 x 11.8 mph
          Tabs: surf tab 55%, center tab 0%, steep setting.
          Ballast: all 100% except the mid tank which needs to be 75% to perform properly. We also run 700lbs additional lead bags. 100lbs under each rear bag, 150lbs under the seats at the base of the tower, 100 lbs under observer seat, 200 lbs on the floor in the rear corner on which ever side is being surfed. As fuel is burned throughout the day, the lead on the floor gradually migrates to the front of the boat to maintain the proper front to rear pitch of the boat, generating RPMs of 3700 at 11.8 mph.
          Crew: adults sit in driver seat and on the surf side, kids sit where ever they choose, usually always moving around.

          This lists the boat to the surf side producing the lip that we prefer.

          Many videos of our wave can be seen on Instagram at: Bee_Boss_Surf.
          Find us on Instagram @Bee_Boss_Surf

          Brynlee 7yrs, Boston 6yrs
          SoulCraft Team Riders

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          2021 MC X22 white/ Kahuna
          2021 MC XStar Red
          2021 MC XT22. Yellow/Silver
          2020 MC XStar Blue
          2020 MC X24. Navy/Silver
          2020 MC XStar Red/Black
          2020 MC XT22 Red/black
          2019 MC XStar Blue/White
          2017 MC XT21 Black/Green
          2001 Calabria Pro V White/Yellow


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            Basically same as others have said- I run 11.6. I have some lead evenly distributed maybe 100 pounds biased towards the port side.

            Surf tab depends on the weight distribution that day- but for a steep wave it’s always 45-55% and no center tab.

            I fill everything full, even the switchback tank.

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              Can someone share the 2020 max push and kids settings?


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                Bumping this thread to hear about the 2020 Max Push settings. Also, does anyone fill all tanks and bags 100% for wakeboarding? I believe advanced wake is only 75% for the rears and 100% for the center and switchback thanks.


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                  Our final answer most of the time on our 18 this season was-

                  Ballast 100% full
                  250 lead starboard side
                  350 lead port
                  Kids and one adult in the bow
                  11.5-12 mph depending on how many others in the boat.
                  50-70% tab also depending on the numbers of people. Just enough to clean the lip. Three is a huge difference in this boat than our 46 with just having enough to clean the lip of the wake and get the curl similar to maniac. Just an amazing boat. Had the 9 year old surfing at least 30 ft back this summer which is just so fun to watch and enjoy. Nothing like black n green’s grand kiddos. But we had another amazing summer on our Mastercraft.