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2012 X2 Computer Question

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  • 2012 X2 Computer Question

    I have a 2012 X2 that does not have the touch screen control system. It has the small computer screen in the bottom of the speedometer. Recently I have had issues with with ballast system. The pumps turn on and the gauges indicate that the tanks are full but they are not full.... I have figured out that the system does not actually measure the fluid level in the tanks... it simply uses the relays that use time to determine how full or empty the tanks are. I suspect that I need to change out the impellors in the pumps. I two requests for the forum:

    1) Any tips or tricks on how to change the impellors... part number for the replacement impellors or best place to get them online?

    2) The attachment shows the computers screens that I see on my boat. Today they indicate that it is in preset mode. How do I change it to Manual mode?
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    Try hitting select button to change?

    Impellers are pretty easy to change, just unscrew 2 of 3 (loosen 3rd) and slide cover over and pull out with needle nose pliers noting which way splines are turned and put new one back in with new seal it comes with.

    Use green impellers for best results for Jabsco pump.

    Jabsco 6303-0007-P, Urethane, Drive Type 4, 6 Blade, 2 Diameter, 7/8 Width, 5/16 Shaft, Plastic Insert


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      WakeMakers has the green impellers on sale for $27.99 right now...


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        I think by manual mode, they mean flip the fill/empty switch. The switch overrides the controller. Your ballast is powered by the controller. There are no relays in your system.

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          Originally posted by bturner2 View Post
          WakeMakers has the green impellers on sale for $27.99 right now...

          rip off. this is the way to go. these work better