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X24 Build Slot Confirmed - Waffling on Interior Colors

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    Not exactly sure how to describe it. There's lots of texture in the CoolFeel for sunscreen or dirty feet (yeah, I know) to embed into. I also find it more 'soft' or cloth like. When you go to clean it, you can use a soft bristle brush. But between the texture and the dark color, it's a ton of effort to keep it looking new. Even wiping off the cleaner is harder.

    One other thing I'm just remembering... Gotta be super careful with fins on boards around the CoolFeel. Someone slid a board across one of my rear hatches, and it left a mark I was never able to get rid of. Not to say the regular vinyl won't scratch. But you just cannot rub out/polish away scratches in CoolFeel. It's like the surface gets snagged, and that mark is there forever.

    On the Odessa/CoolFeel pairing - I've seen a ton of boats that mix and match the two materials, they all look great. At least for me, I don't see that as contrasting in a bad way. Rather, I think they compliment each other. On my interior, the CoolFeel is more of an accent color, and I prefer the more subtle tone of the black CoolFeel.

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