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2 Fuel Sender Units '06 X45?

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  • 2 Fuel Sender Units '06 X45?

    I have an '06 X45 with an LQ9 motor.

    Gas gauge goes to full after turning key on, then fluctuates between full and what I assume is the right level. I replaced the old sender just in front of motor, no better. I noticed in the front walkway a 6" screw in cap in the floor, and there was another fuel sender? Could the fuel tank run the length of the boat? Could this be for the KGB tank up front?

    Boat is in Tn, I'm in Oh, so I can't take it off and "smeel" for fuel.


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      The sending unit is part of the fuel pump. I doubt there are two in your boat. Can someone at the boat take some pictures of "both" sending units?
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        I believe there is only one fuel sender, and it's the long rod that goes into the top of the plastic fuel tank in front of the engine. The only thing I can see through that 6 inch cap in the floor (middle of boat) is just the drain plug. KGB in my old 08 x30 was more towards the front of the boat if I recall.
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