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2021 x24 surf setup

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  • 2021 x24 surf setup

    Just Wondering What The Best Settings Are For Ultimate Surfing

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    Helped a friend setup his new x24. Wave was a little higher than waist high, longer than his rope length, and a lot of push. We used these settings:

    We fill all ballast 100% except the mid tank, it is at 75%.

    Only two people in the boat, so we brought additional bags of lead. 1300 lbs total. We put 400 lbs under the legs of the tower on each side. 100 lbs under the seats on each side up front in the nose. 300 lbs in the rear lounge seat on the surf side. If you don’t use lead, substitute people in these positions. I use a “bubble level app” on my phone to check the angle of the hull to the water while moving at surf speed. I lay my phone on the floor at my feet while driving. The angles you are looking for is 10 degrees of bow rise and 5 degrees of list to the surf side.

    The tabs are on the steep setting, 0-0-40 for regular, 0-0-50 for goofy.

    Speed is 11.3.
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