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Towing a floating dock

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    Originally posted by dvsone79 View Post
    Have you noticed the demand for boats lately? The demand for docks is equally high, and the price for new docks might be even higher in comparison due to supply costs. There’s several months lead time on building a new one.
    I ordered a new dock and lift first week in January. Dock arrived early April. Lift arrived late April. Lift has a bad controller for the side screens and it is backordered so not huge to me but if I was in a hurry I would be pizzed.

    I asked my dealer if I could get 3 more sections of dock and he said if I ordered today I might get them in late September. He received 2 truckloads of sections a month ago and within a week they were all sold. He said he had probably 300+ people asking about buying docks all through the beginning of the year but only ~20 of us plunked down the money to order. Now the rest are stopping into his shop begging for docks that he does not have.


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      Originally posted by 88 PS190 View Post
      Is the 100/mile just while under tow or do you have to also pay them to go get it and for their drive back?

      Are you up river or down river from where its going?

      This might sound a bit nuts but its really not that uncommon to toss outboard motors onto floating docks and drive them around like a pontoon boat. How feasible this would be for you would depend if you have an outboard and how much speed you could get out of it. If nothing else if you have a few people you could use the ski boat to rip down and swap out your crew on the boat/resupply with gas and just plan on it taking an entire day to drive it.
      This is a great idea! hats off to the smart one!!!


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        People will surf their boat for hours or load it down boarding but cry about towing a small dock. No one said to tow it at 20mph. MC's are built like a brick sh*t house

        Put on a line and throttle up to 6-8mph. I did our dock bases for a few miles with a Scout 15' with a 60 hp Mercury engine
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