Well we all know the story....hmmm, wonder why my bilge pump is working so hard this weekend. Well the thread title tells the story. There is a crack in the center ballast tank that is low and towards the rear of the tank. I have made myself sick over the entire thing since I am one of those guys that spends 3 hours cleaning the MC up before I cover it up after each use. All of that and now to hear this!

So I have questions and my dealer does as well. The dealer has opened a case with MC and hopefully we will hear back toward the end of the week. There are discussions of taking the cap off of the boat to remove the tank under warranty of course and that is quite concerning to me perhaps out of a lack of knowledge of how it will go back together in a way that is satisfactory and whether the factory will do it for the dealer.

Also from prior experience the dealer told me that they have not been able to get any information on the composition of the material that the tank is made out of....in an effort to see if there is an epoxy material that would bond with it and possibly alleviate the major repair of "uncapping" the boat.

I have told my dealer that I would start this thread and they will be looking for what you have to say as well. And for the record they are a great dealer and a top 20 MC dealer and it is frustrating to see that even with that status, there is literally nobody that they can pick up the phone and talk to at MC about this....it has to be email...so sad.