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    Originally posted by H2ORidr View Post
    Sheriff talked to him once about it and he told the sheriff "prove it!" That jerk gets in his boat and the rest of the lake residents just start to seethe.
    Seems like the simple answer is: grab a cell phone, shoot some video, turn it over to the sheriff. Boom, proof. If everyone on the docks in your cove of this big lake does the same, either he will go elsewhere or the sheriff will help him move somewhere else.

    The world is full idiots, whether it is the people on the lake or that live around it (I’ve dealt with both types).

    My Grandpa told me two things many times;
    1. Never argue with an idiot. You’ll never convince the idiot that you’re correct, and bystanders won’t be able to tell who’s who.
    2. When you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy, and the pig likes it.
    It always struck me as odd that my grandfather, a noted trial attorney, who argued with people for a living, repeatedly counseled me against arguing with people. He was so disappointed when I went into IT instead of Law. Anyway…

    The world would be a better place if people would just allow Darwinism to take care of fools rather than taking matters into their own hands.

    IMHO, any type of wake activity within 100’ of shore is idiocy. Standing on a dock screaming obscenities and an idiot engaged in wake activities less than 100’ from you is the definition of wasted breath. Dude in the boat is probably trying to piss you off by his actions. Yelling at him just shows him he was successful. He wins you lose. Plus, next time he’ll be inside of 50’, not 100’.

    Regardless, if I ever ran over an intentionally placed navigational hazard with threatening notes, my first stop once I was off the lake would be to the sheriff with the evidence.

    If what you say is true, that he is a dude hanging his boat off of a distant relative’s dock, and you are a landowner on a lake, my guess is you have more to lose. But then agin what do I know, maybe I’m just guilty of feeding trolls.

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      Originally posted by H2ORidr View Post
      Going to sound like an old man here but what they heck I am 60 and so yeah, I agree, this is dumb. You want ruin things for everyone then this is a good way to go about it.

      Years ago there were some idiots wakeboarding regularly on a lake in my area at like midnight to 2 am and residents had enough of it. Because they never got caught the residents took matters into their own hand and a rope was strategically placed in the water and the wakeboarders wound it around their prop good and tight. Attached to the rope was several notes that said next time there will be hunks of wood with nails attached to the rope. They got the message.
      I’d sit in that cove at 2-5am every weekend with my 5k watts of stereo on full blast after that. That’s top tier retardation to do something like that.

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        Originally posted by MC25 View Post
        I’d sit in that cove at 2-5am every weekend with my 5k watts of stereo on full blast after that. That’s top tier retardation to do something like that.
        I never said it was smart and I for one thought there was better ways of dealing with the clowns, but the world is getting crazy.

        I know the guy that is doing the shore surfing and I have stopped and asked him politely several times to please be respectful of the people that own the shorelines. He says he will and then goes right out and does it some more out of spite. Guys like him are going to get the lake shut down for surfing.