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Software update, Fuel Gauge issue

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  • Software update, Fuel Gauge issue

    I recently had the software updated on my '18 Xstar. It had the original versions from 2017 on it when I purchased it. I don't have the current version numbers in front of me, but I believe they're from mid to late 2019 and should be the most current for my boat.

    I've refueled the boat several times since the update and the most that the gauge will read is about 85% where it would normally read 100% before the update. The fuel management feature is disabled. I'm pretty sure I've read that the software takes into account a 15% reserve when showing levels. Did the newer software just start taking this off of the full fuel level instead the empty?

    I also went into the dealer settings to make sure that it had the right boat model info entered. I noticed that it now has an Xstar model Rev1 and Rev2. I've tried both and no difference in the fuel gauge or anything else that I've been able to notice. Anyone know what the differences are in the 2 versions?


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    I had the same issue on mine. It isn't the software or the fuel management system. It has to do with the amount of ethanol in the gas that you are using. Here is the email I received from my dealer to fix mine. I ran a couple of tanks of ethanol blended gas and went back to non-ethanol gas and my fuel gauge would read 89%. I ran it to about 1/4 tank and refilled with gas and the gauge read 100% again.

    Consumers can minimize issues with fuel level readings by adhering to the following guidelines:

    1 . Filling from the same location with consistent ethanol levels, such as a marina, storage tank or gas station, will maintain stable sender output.

    2. When refueling from various sources with different levels of ethanol in the fuel, always wait until the fuel gauge reads less than 1/2 tank before refueling.
    For the recalibration to take effect less than 1/2 tank of fuel is required, the key switch must be in the OFF position, and the tank must be completely refilled.

    3. These critical steps signal the software to look for a recalibration. After the tank is completely refilled and the key switch turned ON, the fuel will touch a small sensor in the top of the sender, triggering the recalibration procedure and adjusting for the amount of ethanol in the fuel tank.


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      Thanks for the info! I'm sure that's going to be the issue in my case. I took the boat on vacation out of state about 300 miles from home, so I'm guessing it's a different fuel blend. I think I was at 60-70% when I got here and we filled it up.

      Anyone have any ideas on the Rev1 vs. Rev2 for the Xstar in the software for boat models?