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  • 50 for 50 Challenge

    A little over a year ago I was listening to an interview with Tony Klarich on Dave Briscoe's Outside Edge Podcast. On his 50th birthday he rode 50 different things on the water all in 1 day. He rode skis, wakeboard, a bunch of different foil setups, a cooler, a picnic table and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

    It inspired me to come up with my own 50 @ 50 challenge where I would ride 50 miles on the water doing a combination of slalom, wakeboard, and wakesurf all on my 50th birthday. My initial plan was to Slalom Ski 20 miles total, Wakeboard 20 miles total, and Waksurf 10 miles.

    I'm happy to say I completed it Sept 16 which was a day early because of a band performance my son had on the 17th, my actual birthday. I ended up breaking up the miles different than my original plan. I did 15 miles slalom and 5 miles wakeboarding in the morning. Since slalom is more tiring for me I bailed on doing any more slalom. The morning weather was perfect.

    We went back out in the afternoon for more wakeboard but the wind had picked up. We had a half hour boat ride to get to calm water. I got in another 18 miles there. At this point I was worried about finishing by the 7:30 sunset. We had to head back to our dock to change out crew. The other issue was the wind direction was going to force us to surf in a shallower area (8 to 10'). It's a little more work to stay with the wave in the 8' sections. I decided to wakeboard another 10 miles and just surf 3 miles at the end. I finished just before sunset.

    My wife was there the whole time and drove for most of it. We had different crews for the various sessions. My wife said her hand was sore for 4 days because of all the shifting in and out of gear.

    I slept like a rock. I was sore the next day but still went our for a wakefoil run on a friends boat around noon. I just recently figured how to get up on the wakefoil so I didn't include it in the adventure. Day two I could barely walk up steps. Day 3 my lower back was crazy sore. I was not back to normal until about day 6.

    Did it all on our XT22 and in about 1 tank of gas. That 5.3 GDI is pretty awesome. I'll try to post some pics.

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    Huge Tony fan because of who he was and how out there he was when I was 12-15. Always loved his craziness... and pure skill at doing what he loves to do.. even if sometimes it was just goofing around on the lid from a Coleman cooler.

    That said... props to you and your challenge... and your wife.

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      We were on Sandusky Bay OH the whole day. Near Baypoint and Johnson Island for the morning, along Rt2 for the afternoon, back to Johnson Island for the end.
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        Heck yeah. That is so awesome. Happy belated!

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          Well done young man! Well done!

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            Very cool!


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              That is quite the feat. I can't even image skiing for that distance let alone wakeboarding for miles more. Congrats!


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                Great work!


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                  that is awesome! You should ride a table though on your 51st or some other crazy item...


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                    Nice job. Still got it at 50!
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                      That is cool and impressive.


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                        that is awesome ... huge congrats!


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                          Here's a link to the Podcast. The other crazy thing Tony talks about is how his grandmother inspired him for his 50 for 50. Each year on her 79 through 88th Birthday she would ride a sit down hydrofoil (Airchair / Skyski) for 52 miles.