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    Still haven't heard if MC actually is doing this. I'm not filling it out. After the 2nd question I realized I never should have even opened it. Be nice to know for sure if anyone can contact MC. I've tried but haven't heard anything.


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      I honestly would not recommend filling out any online survey that didn't come from MC directly and you could verify it's source. Clicking on the link alone could start a process that starts undermining your online security. You have to ask yourself "what do you get out of filling out a survey that isn't from MC and gives ANY personal information to someone you don't know on the internet?".

      There are too many phishing scams out there that are really sophisticated and are hard to see the angle on to take a chance filling out some random survey. And who knows maybe the survey isn't the scam. Getting you to the site and clicking on submit may have downloaded a virus, bot or adware on your system. I know it sounds paranoid but if it were me and I went to this site I would be running an antivirus and malware scan on my system about now.


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        Decided to do some really quick research on the company that's sending this garbage survey out. The good news is if you're looking for more random phone calls and you gave them a phone number or Email in the survey you'll probably be hearing from them (or whoever they sell your information to) soon. Sleep well also knowing that they scored a 1.35/5 from the BBB. On the bright side they would appear to be an actual company and you can opt out of calls/emails from them most of the time. This probably would have been a good idea to you actually read the privacy agreement as from what I can tell they're pretty much a data gathering/selling type of business so lord knows who actually paid for your information and what they plan to do with it.

        Got this off Wikipedia with a single Google search..... Based on the first line in the description below I would take my recommendation from my previous post and do some scans to see if they loaded any web tracking software on your system or browser.


        Dynata is used to track online consumers' website history to look for and collect data about their purchasing behavior.[16] The company also composes and proposes surveys to its users to get more accurate and clarified responses from broad-based consumers.[17] With gathered data, the company conducts up-to-date market research to determine the trends occurring around the world. Aside from gathering information on their purchasing behaviors, the company guarantees to protect consumer's unauthorized personal data. Since handheld technology has been developed to become a core part of our society, the company started to look for mobile research tools.[18] The company gives surveys to mobile users to get an idea for the mobile panel's tastes.

        Dynata uses standard market research techniques in order to stay within the TCPA regulations. [19] According to the Better Business Bureau online profile for Dynata,[20] the company receives 1.35/5 stars. A review of recent reviews on the site indicates that many members of the general public are annoyed by Dynata's telemarketing practices.


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          i wouldnt do it, but i'm sick of the scam attempts to get my data
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            sometimes filling it out with random information is a hooot!!! just sayn' maybe add your neighbor you don't like and their phone number!


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              Originally posted by moosehead View Post
              If this is indeed a legit MC survey, they need to establish that up front with proper labeling and disclosures. There are none in either the link itself or the first half or so of the survey pages. I dropped the survey mid-way through because of these uncertainties.
              Unless they want to say they sent one but dont really want responses


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                Boat's with dual screens aside (sorry, passive aggressive dig), aren't there incredibly more effective ways these days of seeking legitimate customer feedback?

                I guess the old adage holds true here; be careful what you ask for. I know I'd love to provide a few constructive data points.
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