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Securing the Transom on a 2003 X7

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  • Securing the Transom on a 2003 X7

    Morning All,

    We have just purchased a 2003 X7 but we cannot see a way of securing the transom to the trailer, as there are no fixings at the rear, due to the light board? Currently it has a Boat Buddy and the winch securing the front only.

    What options are there?

    I am nervous of trailering it the 1200 Km to Franc, without it being secured!

    Any pictures greatly appreciated!

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      Does your trailer have hooks on the fenders? If so, run a strap over the boat. That's the way it was set up on our 2000 190 and 2001 X-Star.


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        Most or all of us probably have no idea what your European trailer looks like.
        But you could always just loop a ratchet strap around the frame anywhere there’s a spot to do that and back to the transom tie downs on the boat.
        That said, I towed our Prostar for a couple years with no transom tie downs. Cross country or local. I’m not advocating it as the first time I was following our boat in a different vehicle I saw it hit a big bump and the boat came up off the bunks a little.
        I wasn’t so worried about the boat coming off the trailer but rather the stress on the hull and bunks from dropping back onto the trailer after getting airborne!
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          Originally posted by Tsumi View Post
          Does your trailer have hooks on the fenders? If so, run a strap over the boat. That's the way it was set up on our 2000 190 and 2001 X-Star.
          I've thought about doing this when traveling but didn't feel comfortable with that big ratchet strap mechanism bouncing along a few inches from the side of my boat just waiting to vibrate into the gel.

          Anyone do this and what do you do to protect your boat from the strap tightening mechanism ? I guess you could wrap it with something ?
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            I put a towel folded up a few times where the straps come in contact with the hull, which also happened to be close to the ratchet. If it is several inches away from the hull, it has almost no chance of contacting the hull if properly tightened.


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              Ratchet the lifting eyes on the transom to the trailer. Should be enough space to slide the boat buckle that Tim posted between the transom and the platform and secure to the trailer somewhere. I was able to on my '05 197

              Those DD boats bounce around a lot without that tie down. I wouldn't trailer it very far without the transom tied down.
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