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2013 X-10 the good and bad

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  • 2013 X-10 the good and bad

    Looking at a 2013 X-10. Can I get the good and bad on this year and model.

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    Great do it all boat, hull, fit and finish. Only key question is does it have Gen2 surf system, as Gen1 was an ineffective kit. Only so many 2013’s had Gen2, though it can be added for cira $5K+.

    Otherwise, it is basic service history, condition, and configuration questions such as ZFT4 tower (likely), stereo kit, trailer specifics.


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      Waiting to hear on Gen 1 or Gen 2. Any other opinions.


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        Will a Flatwaterfooter be trying to foot behind an X10, or keeping the 197 also?

        I ask because that's the exact scenario I contemplated (2boats) but didn't pull the trigger before COVID. I ended up thinking it was a dumb idea to have 2 inboards to maintain, but both would have appreciated in value, possibly quite a bit....ah well.....

        Good luck with your decision!


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          I have one ... has gen 1 but we don't surf

          its is a great all around boat and love it ... plenty of room


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            Also interested, just made a deal for a 2013 X10 with Gen2. Really interested to hear about how it handles , and goofy side surf wave. Will be taking for a lake test (brrrr) next weekend.


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              OP. Post some pics if you're willing to divulge them pre-sale. You may get some more suggestions.

              In addition to Moose's comments I would offer the following;
              - Flip and tumble seat is really nice for passengers. As I driver, I find it annoying to climb over
              - 5.7 will get the job done, but having owned it for a year I would opt for a 6.0.
              - ZFT4 tower and speaker package is nice
              - Large screen will give you custom profiles, but can be costly if needs replacing
              - I prefer deckadence carpet and fiberglass swim deck, but those are personal preferences
              - if you score one with extra ballast and a wakepro prop that would be a win
              - I like the BTS windshield for access when tower is folded and dock grabs. You pick up a bunch more wind through it if you have long drives at 30PMH to get home.

              I find it good for both wakeboard and surf. My 197 friends would never ski behind it, but my bayliner friends would

              Good luck in your hunt


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                I evidently have more in common with MM’s Bayliner friends than I thought.

                Cheers MM. You guys still squeezing into wetsuits?

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                  Mine’s a 2016 and I love it. Most of my crew surfs goofy and even the newbs are quick to drop the rope (710’s in the lockers and 300lbs lead). We’re out to have fun and it does everything for us. For skiing it’s not close to a prostar wake but my last run at the balls was 15yrs ago. We wakeboard 50%, surf 20%, ski 20% when there’s glass, and we tube or kneeboard the kids home or when the wind picks up. Other pros is it fits under a 7ft garage door. I wouldn’t mind another 2 feet though as I’m 6-7 and the tower is right over the back seat and I have to watch my head on the speakers. I have the 5.7 and average about 6.5 gallons and hour on a long weekend.
                  2016 Metallic Blue X10
                  ex 1998 Sportstar 19
                  ex 1972 17’ Tahati I/O


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                    Loved the 2013 X10 , surf wave ( Gen 2), both sides looked spectacular. This one had sacs that filled the rear compartments fully. I've got another 400lbs of lead to use to lengthen the wave out if needed. With water temps in the 40's and air lower we did not ride, but I saw enough to pull the trigger and buy it.


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                      Sharp boat! I might be biased, but you can never go wrong with Black (...or grey) & Blue.

                      That two tone trailer really sends it over the top.


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                        Congrats and enjoy the new rig. Literally, the only “bad” thing about the first Gen2 X10 generation (‘13-‘16) is that they are way under rated. They do everything extremely well. Bonus with the Fusion/JL Stereo, quilted seats, MC embroidered badge, etc.

                        X10 surf goofy below. This is 2 crew aboard, 750 lb Wakemaker bags filling the rear lockers, and 100 lbs lead in the nose.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	148AEA40-588F-42CA-802F-72957EB01B75.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.05 MB ID:	2695579