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2015 Prostar Tower Adjustment

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  • 2015 Prostar Tower Adjustment

    Hi all. Just purchased a new to me 2015 Prostar with the MC tower. I lowered it for the first time to put it into the garage and now I can't get one side to screw into the base place. The bolt is definitely off to the side a bit.

    My question is, are these base plates adjustable to deal with this issue? I'm thinking they were not installed correctly or have misaligned some how. Also each of the bolts were very difficult to unscrew when laying down the tower. This makes sense after seeing how out of alignment they are.

    I've attached a pic down the tube with the bolt/screw removed to show how off-set it is.
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    2015 Prostar Tower Adjustment

    I would guess the tower got bent somehow. I don’t think it’s typical to adjust the base plates.

    Does the fiberglass show witness marks at the base of it being in a different spot?

    There was a guy on here a year or two ago with a tower that seemed to be off a few inches. I don’t recall if he posted the final answer / solution.

    Maybe take some measurements and compare to other boats? Of the points on tower (bolt to bolt) and boat (hole to hole)

    Looking again, are you sure the pivoting end is all the way in the hook on the boat side? All the way “back” in boat orientation.