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'97 Maristar 225V leak

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  • '97 Maristar 225V leak

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site and looking for some advise. I'm not a new boat owner. I've had a '93 Prostar 190 that I bought new and still runs like a champ. Besides blowing a freeze plug, never had an issue. Since my family has expanded, more room was needed so I bought my neighbors '97 Maristar 225V w/LT1. It runs out great but I'm getting what I think is excessive water while we are out. I found a few leaks in the exhaust hoses and starboard silencer on the ramp during initial launch. I have managed to repair those until end of season to replace all. I don't see any water other than a drip or two coming from anywhere else. It doesn't really get any when running, but when we just sit, it accumulates and the auto bilge cuts on about every 30 mins. Any recommendations to check first, shaft or maybe rudder? Thanks ahead for you advise. Randy

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    put her on the trailer and get the hose and start pouring water in the bilge - you will find your leak.
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      Also check the rear rub rail, this model of the maristars were notorious for leaking from there.