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    Anyone towing with an MDX? Towing capacity is 5000 lbs. I have an '07 Maristar 230 (3900 lbs empty). Is this pushing the limit? Any idea what the trailer weight would be to add to the 3900 lbs? I couldn't find the weight of the trailer anywhere. Thanks!

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    That weight listed doesn’t include the trailer, so add another 1500lbs for the trailer and 400-500 for fuel and gear.


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      Way overloaded with fuel and gear and trailer with an mdx

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        The 230 has a 60 gallon tank so full would weight 375lbs at around 6.2lbs per gallon so @Shaun R is bang on.


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          My 2018 4Runner is rated at 5k and my X series is hard on it. I figure my X series is about 4500 on the trailer and about 5000 in vacation load. If I was towing moderate distance on a regular basis, I would definitely need something bigger.


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            Pretty sketchy. People forget, it's not just pulling....but stopping that weight.

            It's not just towing weight. Tongue weight, is very important. To much tongue weight, and your front wheels become unweighted. Which means reduced traction, affecting steering/ braking, and uphill traction. (Think about a wet boat ramp.)

            That said... you'll have increase maintenance cost on the mdx. Brakes, tranny, engine, tires, etc.

            In real life, no one trailers a boat empty.

            My wife would say, your boat is over compensating for a small suv. Size matters (Sorry)

            Have I pulled over weight trailers? (not boats) Yep. Not smart.

            Honestly, if your going to tow distance, you need a bigger/heavier vehicle. It doesn't have to be new.
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              Originally posted by etduc View Post
              Tongue weight, is very important. To much tongue weight, and your front wheels become unweighted.
              A lot of people do not even know about this. I had a travel trailer that my vehicle could tow but the tongue weight was over my limit so it was a no go.


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                These posts always crack me up. I love the US mentality of bigger is better. Not everyone wants a dedicated tow rig or a tow rig that is a daily driver. The real question is how often and how far? If this is a few times a season for short distances with a moderately angled ramp, you might be okay. If you are looking to trailer weekly and for more than a few miles, I'd say NO. I originally pulled a 209 with a MDX in the ~2005 that had a 5k limit and it was not a good. It was my wife's daily rig and it gave me a good excuse to by a new vehicle with a 8k limit for my self.
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                  Short (less than 5 mile) trips to the launch ramp would be fine, and is sometimes preferable due to ease of maneuverability. Highways... You're pushing it. Keep in mind that if you get into an accident while overweight, you lose all insurance coverage.


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                    Honda towing is an oxymoron.


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                      I know JHall towed an X1 once or twice with his .....

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                        Car guy told me a long time ago about towing...."don't ever send a boy to do a man's job" I pull with a diesel now!


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                          i pull my 22' boat with a Honda Pilot - basically same power train and it does better than you would expect but I'm only pulling 4300 lbs. Boat is 2900 lbs and the trailer is 1100 (i weighed it) and I figure 300 for gas and my skis, etc.

                          I would think your setup will be over 5000 - figure 3900 for the boat and 400 for gas and equipment and I would guess your trailer is closer to 1300 lbs.

                          So my main concern would be if you got in an accident... no one is going to cover you because you exceeded the towing limit.


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                            I used to tow my 91 PS 190 with an all wheel drive toyota highlander. I tow around 15 - 20 miles each way. It was OK when it was just me and the now ex wife but when I would take it out with the guys it wasn't good. The extra weight of 3 extra guys in the car really made the drive uncomfortable.

                            Now I tow it with a Tacoma it works great


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                              Thanks for the great replies... At least most of them. I actually have a 2009 MDX and tow my MC regularly with it. I only tow less than 10 miles every year and it rips the boat out of the launch ramp with ease. I was looking to get a newer MDX because it is a great overall vehicle. I don't want a large SUV / Truck for every day driving. But as I was thinking more and more about it, I thought I better do a little more research before I just blindly buy another MDX. There are more of the "mid-size" SUVs out there that can tow 6000 lbs or even higher. After reading some of the responses, I am thinking that I should explore the other larger capacity options. I have some time before the spring when I need to make up my mind!