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2020 F150 3.0 Powerstroke aka "Ministroke"

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  • 2020 F150 3.0 Powerstroke aka "Ministroke"

    After a year with a Jeep Gladiator, I returned to a F150. My 2013 F150 was a 3.5 EB which I leveled and tuned. Awesome truck and motor. This time I opted for the 3.0 Liter Diesel. I have just over 1,000 miles on it and I am very happy with the truck and the motor/trans.

    The gas mileage gauge has steadily climbed from 17.0 mpg to 22.1 mpg. I have really only driven it to work and back/ running errors in city driving. One trip of about 40 miles each way on interstate showed around 28-29 mpg at 76 mph.

    Obviously pulls the 205 easily. I am much happier in a full size truck. Panoroof gives me all of the "outside" views that I might miss from the Gladiator.
    1997 PS 205

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    1997 PS 205


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      Wow. That highway mileage is awesome.

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        Very impressive mpg. I know you’re not towing it down the highway with the Bimini up, right?

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          No, the bikini is down while towing.
          1997 PS 205


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            Well, here is my 2 yr update. I put Fox 2.0 front and back along with Raptor takeoff wheels and tires. Ran about 15K on those and got a few nails in 2 tires. Since I was at home on the weekend, I put in a plug so I could drive until Monday to get to the tire store. 1 nail was in the dead center of the tread. Discount Tire said that they would/could not repair the tire with a plug/patch. So, I put on some Bridgestone Dueler Tires. I used Bilstein shocks in my 13 to level and Fox in this truck. Overall it would be hard to say one was better than the other. However, the Fox fronts came assembled, so I didn't need a spring compressor this time. Installation was a little easier and faster with the Fox.
            I'm now at @ 21K miles. Overall fuel milage is @22. I rarely get on the interstate with it, so all around town. I made one trip to Lake Martin in the summer pulling the MC205. I got 16.4 mpg towing up and back.
            No issues with the truck at all. It's super smooth, more quiet than a diesel should be, and very comfortable. I finally set up Pro-Trailer Assist and that thing works great. Outside of the PS engine, everything else is standard F150 Lariat.
            Outside of pulling the boat, I have loaded it up with 1500-1700 lbs of dirt for several loads. I was surprised at how well it handle that much payload regard squat and ride quality.
            1997 PS 205


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                I'm glad that I read this thread. I ordered the Bilstein set for my 2017 over the winter (on sale) with the intent to do the installation in the Spring. We've had an extremely warm winter, so I did the rear shocks in February. When I looked at the front shocks, I noticed that they did not match my original ones. When I called, they told me that I had ordered the wrong ones, but I still had the screen shot from when I ordered them as a set for my 2017. But, it's my fault for not checking when I received the shocks. I've had the shocks longer than 60 days, so no returns.
                The preassembled Fox shocks are more expensive, but quicker to install, so I think I'll go that route.
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