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    I appreciate all the input on this thread.

    I ended up going with the “Best Wake Foil Package” at KiteBoardingCloseouts:

    Includes: Slingshot WF-1 V4 4'2" Wakefoil Board Armstrong HS1250 Foil Kit (HS1250, Fying V 200 Tail, 72cm Mast, TC60 A+ Fuse, Carry Kit Bag)

    It includes a Slingshot WF1 V4 board, Armstrong foil kit with bag, choice of A+ fuselage, choice of HS1250 wing, V200 tail and 72 mast. I tried to swap for a shorter mast but the shop convinced me we will definitely want a longer one later.

    Kiteboarding Closeouts is the surf shop associated with Good Breeze Kiteboarding in Cocoa Beach. They had great communication, shipped fast and were very helpful answering my questions.

    Also have a helmet on order and some Air7 wide memory foam foot straps in my Amazon cart. Definitely looking forward to spring!

    Thanks everyone!


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      Great set-up! That will get you going and you won't need to upgrade anytime soon. Lots of other Armie wings and tails to upgrade to later when you feel like you need some new toys.


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        The 72cm mast kinda looks intimidating so I managed to find a shorter mast used and we will swap it out after we master the shorter one. It’s not an A+ mast but looks easy enough to retrofit with the conversion kit.

        Dumb question, has anyone tried wing foiling with their wake foil? Or are the aspect and foil sizes all different from what would be needed to foil without the boat? Wondered if it might be fun on days it’s too windy to boat.
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          The HS1250 was very popular foil for wingfoiling but would be for a more advanced or at least intermediate. Larger CFv2 would be better for learning. With wakefoiling the boat has plenty of power to get you up foiling, which is why everyone recommends small front wings (foils). Winging needs low end lift to get up on foil. Experienced guys that go out in 20-30+ knots winds can use small hi aspect. Most wingers use longer masts (85+).

          Windy conditions can be really fun to ride chop and wind swell. Use the boat to tow into waves and try to connect them to keep going. Check out foil downwinding.​ (I had a link but not working and it won't let me delete.)


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            I wouldn't bother to do the conversion on the mast. Definately not needed on smaller mast.


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              noahflegel ripping wakefoiling.

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                Just amazing!

                His “Never Give Up” post is inspiring:


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                  It would be nice to foil without rope and surf behind our Prostar 190.

                  So at the moment I am in the process off buying an foil to start learning this. If I read correct it is wise to start with an front wing: dimensions about 1.200 cm² to ±1.800 cm² and about 80 to 100 cm wide. Correct?
                  Rear wing important?
                  Mast about 60 to 75 cm?

                  Board 123 cm to ± 150 cm long.
                  Floating capacaties a bit more than my own weight (± 75 kg)?

                  Good yes/no? Tips anyone.


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                    Gert you're correct on the range you are looking at. Couple suggestions:

                    Get a low aspect front wing. This will allow you to foil at a lower speed and will be more stable starting out. A higher aspect will glide better and let you pump away from the wake but are very challenging getting used to balancing pitch. Pick size based on user weight.
                    Rear wing can add pitch stability, increase glide and pump, or reduce drag for more speed depending on size and design. You want it to be designed for use with the front wing. Start with one that will add stability and upgrade later as they are fairly cheap.
                    60 to 75 cm mast is actually easier to use than the smaller ones everyone starts with. Everyone breaches when they are learning so the shorter ones are less scary when the board takes a dive. Longer are easier to avoid breaching.
                    Wakesurf volume (20L+/-) board is plenty unless you want to start from standing position. Too much volume and it is hard to hold board in water.


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                      Originally posted by wallos View Post
                      Gert you're correct on the range you are looking at. Couple suggestions:

                      Wakesurf volume (20L+/-) board is plenty unless you want to start from standing position. Too much volume and it is hard to hold board in water.
                      less is more (providing the complete board and foil still floats!), I use a cut down wakeboard and it's perfect.


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                        More wakefoiling stoke. Just listened to Noah Flegel on the progression project podcast. Interesting to hear him talk about applying his pro wakeboarding and wakesurf skills to progress the possibilities foiling. Also surprising to hear that Kai Lenny credits him as an inspiration for foiling.

                        I like how he can do strapless airs, but here he is strapped in riding Armstrong CFv2 1200.


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                          Jackpine Here are some downwinder runs with a boat tow in you asked for. Tow in allows you to use small board.


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                            Well, got myself an used combo: RL foil, type Orca and Slingshot Dwarfboard about 140 cm with 90cm mast for 500 euro.

                            At this time we went three times on the water practicing and having fun. Really lots of fun, foiling is not easy and everybody who does it tells me to keep practicing and don't give up. So, that is what we are doing.
                            It is pretty hard for an old mono skiër, but once I will succed :-)

                            In the mean time the foil is not nice to me, damaged my arm, leg and feet multiple times, but does not really hurt. With all this bad spots on my body the wife is really kind to me :-)

                            Keep in mind: I do wear an full surf suit from 5mm, good impactvest, socks (cold water over here) and helmet :-)


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                              That's why we like using foot straps or old wakeboard bindings, keeps the foil away from you in a fall (which you will do a lot when learning)


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                                Looks like fun - but why not control your own destiny I bought one of these last year and LOVE it. What's another $15K when you already spent huge on an MC. I'm telling you - try it and you will buy one. No affiliation other than a satisfied customer. www.fliteboard.comClick image for larger version

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