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New toy-why did I wait so long?

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    Originally posted by markmcfarland View Post
    Just checked today. Can be registered in ky.
    Doc Phil, did you have to have a racing license to buy? Researching back in 2012 when the 2stroke became an issue, you were suppose to have a racing license to buy. My local dealer had no idea what I was talking about.
    I'm sold, just have to convince the better half this is a good idea.
    No I don't have a racing license

    However, I did bring my buddy benjamin and his 69 friends to the dealership. That sufficed in lieu of a racing license.


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      Originally posted by rydog View Post
      markmcfarland older 2 seater jet skis are also very fun, easier than a stand up but not a mini boat, older seadoo jet skis are great

      Stand ups are great but take a lot of practice
      I forgot to respond to this post. My wife and I really like the old style 2/3 seaters. They are smaller and more maneuverable whereas the new skis are like mini boats. However, if you try to buy an older ski they are nothing but trouble. beat on over the years and always something to fix.

      We opted to get a new Spark last year and it is pretty sweet. It goes about 51 mph and is smaller, quick and maneuverable.

      Also, the body is really cool. It is all plastic pieces put together and you can take the whole "central body" off for working on it. Takes about 15 minutes but opens up the whole ski.

      These are about 8K for the top model and well worth it IMO.


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        New toy-why did I wait so long?

        I was thinking if they are harder to ride, just learning to be able to handle them good would be fun and challenging for the kids and visitors. Whereas the new miniboats would be ridden at full speed or worse over other boat's waves to have fun. Where our lake is a dammed River it is long but not real wide which results in not much natural waves.
        I enjoy the wave runners on the ocean, but don't really see them being fun for me on our lake. The stand ups look like fun anywhere.


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          Originally posted by DocPhil View Post
          Man you are lucky! I had a 550 and had nothing but trouble.

          I had a flush kit installed just in case I make it one day.
          Did you have a regular 550 or a 550sx? In my experience it makes a big difference!

          I'm not joking about the beach. It will make you feel like a rookie all over again!
          '02 X-9
          Lake Blue Ridge


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            I have owned a 90 550, 92 550sx, waveblaster, and a fully surf prepped carbon fiber super-jet with a 760 in it (along with a handful of sit down skis). By far the ski I missed the most was the waveblaster. Simple, efficient, fun and cool!

            I'd like to think ill own another one in the future, but the two stroke ban is coming in CA.