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  • Tow-a-bunga?

    So leaving the lake the other day on the 4th... We see this guy getting ready to put in. In his boat, some kind of fishing boat or runabout we see this tube. It looked like a inflatable bull or cow mounted on a tube. It looked like one rider sat on the bull and the tube was pulled from the bottom middle so it could be going in any direction while the rider tried to stay on. I thought it said tow-a-bunga on it. I googled it and about everything close to it with no success. Has anyone ever seen one like it? It looked absolutely hilarious. I am not even sure it was intended to be a water towable toy but the name kind of implied it was. I would have stayed and asked the guy about it but the DNR was there and wanting people to keep things moving...
    sigpic1996 Prostar 205 LT-1

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    This it??


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      That is it. Not sure it looks too fun in the video. Anyone tried one?

      Hydroslide tow-a-bull.
      sigpic1996 Prostar 205 LT-1