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Kneeboarding as a gateway to Surfing or Boarding?

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  • Kneeboarding as a gateway to Surfing or Boarding?

    Have some friends that are struggling to get up on the surfboard or wakeboard. Anyone buy a kneeboard to help them get used to getting up and and what an edge feels like? Did it help them? Do you still use the kneeboard?

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    I've never ridden a kneeboard, but we have several friends that use a kneeboard all the time to start getting younger kids into watersports.

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      Started my seven year old on the knee board and it only took 3 weeks for her to ask to try skiing again. Now she primarily skis


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        I always have rookies start and prove themselves with a knee board. I don't waste my time teaching anything else until they get the kneeboard and understand the pull.


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          I had my daughter kneeboard on a surfboard until she was comfortable. Then I just told her to stand up and put on her big girl panties.


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            For teaching someone to wakeboard, use a really short line off the tower...30-35 feet.
            The upward pull will help a ton. Keep the rope tight and drag them a bit so they get the feel for it.

            Surfboards are even easier...probably the easiest thing to get up on.
            Kneeboards are actually a bit difficult to go from lying on your stomach to kneeling. Forget about standing on one.......too small.
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              I have my 6 yo start in shallow water (with butt on the ground). Have someone hold him in the ready position, and walk up with him. He is having a hard time getting over the wake and twisting the board but his launch is getting better and he is keeping at it.

              I've used an anchored tube or shallow water to get 1st timers up.
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                If you purchase a kneeboard get the HO Joker. I have pulled my kids around the lake for about 10 yrs on them. Start off slow and pull them around 10 - 12 mph. I am not sure a kneeboard will help with surfing, I have two neighbor kids that I taught to kneeboard and they are having a tough time with surf board also. Each time we go out they are getting better but the kneeboard and surf board are just not the same.


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                  Originally posted by Jerseydave View Post
                  Forget about standing on one.......too small.
                  Not quite true, it's quite fun standing on a kneeboard.

                  To the OP, I've found there is little crossover between the kneedboard and wakeboard (I haven't surfed for nearly 10 years so can't compare), the only common thing is being pulled! If you can start them on the beach then they don't have to mess around on their belly then trying to get their knees up.

                  As already mentioned, when I teach someone new I start them on a really short line (15/20ft from the swim platform short) or if/when I've got access use a boom


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                    It gets kids into watersports.

                    But, in my experience, it leads to skiing.

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                      I got my nephew up on my board with me. Feet between my feet & hands inside my hands. You can talk to them about position while you're riding which I think is helpful when they go alone.


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                        Thanks for all the responses. I think I'm going to pick one up. Just getting up on something can make someone's day. I'm hopeful it will keep the tube in the least until the wind make the water too choppy to board.