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    I am looking to update/upgrade my life jacket. I am 6'0, 235lbs and would love to get a jacket for my size that does not feel overly big. My current Ronix jacket fits great, but feels oversized...if that makes any sense. I don't have much experience with shopping jackets, but something a little more low profile would be perfect.

    I am Slalom and Surf and am learning to Wakeboard. Any recommendations?
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    By your forum name I am guessing you are a Van Halen fan?!? They are one of my favorite bands from the late-70's and 80's.

    We buy neoprene life jackets from Sam's club. They typically carry them in the spring through mid-summer. They are a Coast Guard approved vest, so they might be a bit thicker than you are looking for. I am guessing you think your current vest is too thick? If so, then you will likely want to look at non-Coast Guard approved vest. They are thinner, but may not keep you a float all on their own.


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      Might sound crazy but I can explain...

      I use a Kokatat Maximus, this jacket is designed for whitewater kayaking therefor it has a lot of flotation built in, and your arms move freely in it as well with a large range of motion due to the shoulder design. I use this jacket in summer for boarding/surfing, and then in the fall through early spring for whitewater kayaking. I also have neoprene jackets on my boat, hate them...

      And to put the cherry on top, they are made in California and have exceptional customer service. My dry suit is made by them as well, and I have put their gear through hell on whitewater rivers. I would never recommend any other company

      Buy Online Kokatat outdoor paddle sports dry suits, life vests, for whitewater, recreational, stand up paddle, kayak fishing, and sea kayak and tour. Kokatat is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best paddle sports products we can for a sport and community that require performance to stay safe. That commitment has never wavered and will continue to drive us forward in the years to come.
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