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    Just bought a used Air Chair for $250 from Craig's List. I think it's the Stealth. The graphic is a gorilla and it's got an aluminum seat with a polished aluminum foil. The rear wing on mine is curved up like a U-shape. I read online that there were two wings available- one flat wing for beginners and one curved wing for experts. I've rode these a couple of times and I think I rode one similar but with the flat wing. The flat wing seamed to be way easier to fly around on. On the chair I just bought I can taxi just fine, but as soon as I try to fly it, I just keep porpoising until I face plant. I realize there's a lot of technique that I need to learn, but it seems like I had an easier time the few times I tried before on other chairs.

    Is the curved wing going to be way to hard to learn on? Is there a way to tune it to make it easier to get the feel for? Do I need to get the flat wing? Does anyone have an old beginner wing for the Stealth that they are looking to let go for cheap?

    I can't really justify spending $170 direct from Air Chair for my $250 chair, especially since I'll only use it occasionally.

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    The curved wing will be tougher, but its doable. Is the wing curved forwards or backwards? It was designed to be mounted either way, with the forward curve position being the most advanced setting.

    Where are you sitting on the seat? If memory serves, to ride that chair you want to be on the forward edge of the seat. Too far back will make it want to jump and be harder to control.

    One trick to change how responsive the foil will be is to stick a dime between the rear wing and the t-bar to change the angle. One end will make it more responsive, the other end will make it less responsive. I believe putting the dime under the rear edge will make it less responsive.


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      There's also a different thickness nylon spacer that goes under the blade depending on whether you have it in the "Pro" or "Advanced" position. Give them a call, see if they'll send you an owners manual and/or the beginner foil:
      1998 Maristar 200VRS