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    Originally posted by eurosysytem0 View Post

    Can I understand? Is the forward "motive force" for theses foils the pressure wave from the boat?

    Do you start with a rope and then the wake takes over? I am just not sure where the energy is coming from?
    the foil underwater has way less drag than a board riding on the surface, plus the wing is tapping into the pressure wave like you said. You don’t need a steep face to have momentum, but rather a thick wave. This is why you can ride 2nd, 3rd wave back. I love riding the 2nd wave behind the boat because you can ride left or right side of the boat, carving back and forth. If you look at the first wave behind your boat, the white wash creates a “bubble line” on both sides behind the boat into the second wave. When your riding the second wave, this is your “power zone” where you can generate speed or rest and glide.


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      Learn something new this summer? Insane wake Foiling.
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        kids, they all find it so easy!Click image for larger version

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