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X-Mass.... 6 yr old wakeboard, 10 yr old wakeskate

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  • X-Mass.... 6 yr old wakeboard, 10 yr old wakeskate

    Need help from anyone with experience with kids and wakeboards and/or wakeskates..

    10 yr old - I asked on here awhile back about a wakeboard for my oldest daughter... but she couldn't get comfortable with her feet being tied to the board, and didn't really get in to it. She skis (double) and wakesurfs very proficiently... and now asked Santa for a wakeskate. Don't know a darn thing about 'em. She's only 52" tall and a small frame. No idea what to look for size wise, brand, etc. Not looking to get stupid price yet, more of an entry board that doesn't warrant immediate replacement, hedging on it sitting on a shelf, but decent enough incase she likes the concept since she already does similar on occasion with a 60 ft rope and her soulcraft surf board. (Selfishly tried pushing a slalom ski instead, but have yet to convince her...)

    6 yr old - Loves the water, tubes, and has tried skiing and wakesurfing but chickened out each time. She told me the other day, though, that this is the year dad, "but I want a wakeboard so it's different than kylie".... but, now while I'm searching, every kid board size chart I see seems to be rated for <100.... which leaves a huge gap to her at well under 50lbs, and only 45" tall. Any recomendations for a decent starter board in her size?

    Any and all help is appreciated. Two sports I'm not very familiar with.

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    That's really cool that she wants to wakeskate! Whatever brand will be fine and just look for the smallest size you can find but not a big deal, she just needs something to ride. Just be sure it has a cushion pad and not grip tape like a skateboard. She will get all scraped up and you will start sanding your boat down every time someone moves it!

    We have taught kids as young as 4 years old on a 120 Ronix Vision. We put the boots all the way wide and that forces them to squat. And we use the size 5-8.5 boots instead of the 2-6 because they are easier for the little ones to put on and you can still get them plenty tight enough.

    Put the rope as long as you can. 85' would be great. It's more forgiving for them and a bit easier for you as a driver. Just until they get the hang of it. Be really careful with the 6 year old. You have to start her at like 7mph. And if she starts shooting over to the side just stop the boat because if she hits that startup roller and slams on her face you will never get her in the water again! haha.


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      I second the foam grip pad on the skate. We have since graduated to shoes and grip tape. My kids are 2 seasons ahead, exact same interests (mine were 7 and 9 when they got the itch). We had a hyper lite jr board which was asymmetric which is supposed to help with transitions to and from the toe side, I’m not sure if it matters I’ve never used one myself but it’s what the board shop had so we got it. We too went with the 5-8 boot but that was more that our oldest needed that size.


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        Thank you both! This is exactly the type of input I was looking for. Appreciate the help.


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          Ronix Vision Wakeboard & Ronix Social Wakeskate in hand. Hope I didn't screw up.

          Now we wait..... April feels like ages from now.


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            Sounds like a great Christmas!!