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  • Big fella surf board

    I’m looking to purchase a board for the occasional sessions with some friends that are in the 250-275 lb range. Athletic former football player types… they can get up and ride but struggle to stay that way unless they’re right by the platform. Turns out our boards aren’t Shrek ready.

    Since it will be used only a few times a year, I’m not looking to break the bank.

    Please share any suggestions on big boy boards. Also open to used equipment if someone has one they don’t need any longer.


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    Victoria Wake makes a skimmer called the Bigfoot that is for riders 220 to 280. You would need to find a used one given that they are $700+ new, and I might have a friend selling one. Will check on that if you are looking at a skim style board.


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      Phase 5 Trident is an amazing big boy board, so is the Ronix M50 (I just got the Carbon but haven’t put my feet on it yet). Neither of these boards are cheap tho—

      If I put anyone under 210lbs on the Trident, they can’t get enough weight on the back to slow it down. It’s a super fast, nimble board, and is a ton of fun for my 250-260 lbs. The biggest M50 also plays well for guys my size, but isn’t quite as nimble as the Trident, but I’m hoping the Carbon might be.

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        Really appreciate the offer, and might take you up on that, but would like to start with a surf style. Something somewhat stable to get them going more reliably!


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          if you can find a older inlander surfer blue lake it is awesome.


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            P5 doctor can’t go wrong


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              The Hyperlite LandLock is good for just about any size... and a good board for beginners.


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                We have a Liquid Force Rocket for this reason, but we haven't taken it out yet. Quality inexpensive boat board for the bigger folks!


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                  As always, thank you all for the input. I ordered the Hyperlite Landlock 5’9”. Decision was based on weight range (up to 300 lb), style (stable surf vs skim), and price ($320 delivered for a new board - previous year’s model, it appears).

                  My teenagers also like to surf with their little cousins on the board with them, so I think this board will be a good addition for that purpose… stable and forgiving relative to our quicker boards.