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First time Wakesurf board for Adult and one for kids

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  • First time Wakesurf board for Adult and one for kids

    Need advice on wake surf boards. Looking for one that a adults can use of all skill levels (none of us have any skill level to I guess beginner to future intermediate) and one for kids, age 8-13.People I have asked have always said its all personal preference but. there isnt exactly a way for me to go and tryout a bunch of different ones so some recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    When we got into it a few years ago, I was directed to the Hyperlite Broadcast for the adults and Hyperlite Gromcast for the kids, and would buy both again if starting out.

    Both are good, stable, relatively inexpensive boards that work great for starting out and allow you to improve with the basics before you ultimately want something "faster".

    We still keep them on the boat a good portion of the time for teaching others, and my wife still enjoys the Broadcast occasionally.


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      Get a CWB Ride. Can be had for under $300. We have taught dozens of people of all sizes and ages on this board. Still in our board racks for beginners and first timers.


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        I use Hyperlite Broadcast for anyone learning.
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          Originally posted by jpwhit View Post
          I use Hyperlite Broadcast for anyone learning.
          We do the same. It is great board for beginners.


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            I have a Hyperlite landlock and broadcast, the landlock is extremely beginner friendly.


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              My kids learned on a Phase 5 fish. I believe they also still make the Scamp which is a great small kid board. I opted for the fish because I wanted it to last a bit longer for my kids as they grew (fish has a weight limit up to ~140). My older son has now progressed to an adult board but he really liked the fish. On the fish he progressed to being able to really carve, slides/snapits, riding backwards, 360s. We have a CWB ride for boat board which is great for the adults to learn on, but having a smaller board will certainly help with learning and also make it way more fun for them to ride.