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Wake shaper leaving marks

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  • Wake shaper leaving marks

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ID:	2719410 I’ve got an older liquid force wakeshaper. It works great, but the suction cups leave black marks on my boat. Next off season I plan to have the gelcoat redone so it’s not a huge deal right now, but want it figured out before then.

    i contacted liquid force & asked them about it but they said they don’t offer replacement cups for this older model. Wonder if I could just pick up some replacement cups at harbor freight or something?

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    You will not be able to find the right size replacement cup. Instead I would suggest that you do two things to reduce the marks: 1) Treat the suction cups with a rubber / vinyl protectant, 2) Compound, polish, and wax that portion of your hull. As a note, doing either of these will make it harder to get the wake shaper to stick to your hull, but it will reduce the marks! It's a trade off.