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  • Wakesurfing '09 X15

    I have a 2009 X-15, finally got to where I could surf without the rope, but the pocket seems very small and really close to the boat. Any suggestions? I'm about 6'3, 225 so a bigger guy. Have the boat with the rear port full, rear starboard half full, KGB full, and a 750 across the Port side seats. Also have a wake shaper on the starboard side of the boat.

    The back port ballast is also much slower than the other 2, if anyone has an idea on that as well.

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    With the wake shaper try to weight the boat evenly. Also more weight may be needed and specifically more in the front to lengthen the wave. More speed can also help with length and push. I surf @ 11.4 11.6 mph. My ballast set up is: Over the stock ballast I have 750s in the rear lockers which I fill to (my estimate based on tsunami pump run time) 600ish lbs and two 260 lb bags, one under each front seat.

    See this thread for some pics of my wave:

    50.241899, -115.857747


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      Yes, weight it close to even. You really need all stock ballast full plus fat sacs in both rear lockers. You'll then need at least one person in the bow, otherwise you'd need a small sac up front. We have a Wake Surf Shaper. Speed is typically 10.8 goofy and 11.2 regular.

      Prior to dialing in the Shaper, we got a good wave by loading the front and surf side stock ballast plus a 750# fat sac in the surf side locker. Everyone also had to sit on the surf side with at least one person in the front.