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Google search FTW/ full MC linup best surf settings?

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  • Google search FTW/ full MC linup best surf settings?

    So I was going around in google and found myself a PDF for surf settings in a what seems to be a internal PDF used for dealers of MC to help gain some sales. Good read for those questioning best surf settings for their boat. Unfortunately they don't have the X-80 Twin in there for me . Recommended settings near the end but the entire document is worth a read. A lot of information in there.

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    That is a sweet find.

    They dont have the NXT line in there either . I am surprised a bit by their recommended setups of only filling one side ballast...Everything I have read at least about the NXT setup is to fill all the ballasts and more....


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      Love the Tag!

      Must be an older article. The X23 (from 2015) is not list either.


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        I’d guess it’s from either 13 or 14 because they have the X30 and X2 and mention Surf gate and NSS, both of which were created in 2013.
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