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X45 Surf Setup 2019

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  • X45 Surf Setup 2019

    Looking to really dial in the surf setup and make it easier for goofy and regular riders without having to move the sacks around. Currently have two 850's which create an excellent wave heavy loaded one side. Just ordered the SWELL Wakesurf Creator SLIM and am planning on running the 850's in both rear lockers and use the SWELL to shape the wake. Any other suggestions other than GSA?

    Am currently running with:
    Factory KGB - Full
    Factory Star - Full
    Factory Port - Full
    Attitude Plate - 100%
    PP - 10.6 to 11.6
    2005 X45 L18

    Ohio living with my heart in TN

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    I like more weight up front, it lengthens the wave without having to go as fast. We run about 1900 pounds in the back (including 700 stock ballast, plus 400 in each locker and 400 lbs of lead) and 1100 up front (including the 300 stock KGB) so an additional 400 under each front seat. We never go faster than 11 and have so much length on our wave. We use Mission Delta, I've heard from multiple sources that when running a wake shaper, you want 60-65% weight in back, 35-40% up front. The weight up front made a big difference on our wave. Hope this helps.