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Wakesurf creator for '95 Maristar 200VRS

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  • Wakesurf creator for '95 Maristar 200VRS

    New to wakesurfing and looking to improve wake on a '95 Maristar 200VRS. Thinking someone with the same hull may have already tried out the various wave creators/shapers on the market and can share their experience and/or recommend the best one? I'm all ears. My kids and I thank you in advance.

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    I had this boat for 4 years and we were able to get a pretty decent wave. We ran 800 lb bags in each rear locker (had to strengthen engine compartment walls), and a 350 lb bag in the center locker. These were all plumbed in and filled off of a reversible pump. We then had 500 lbs of lead I’d move around depending on where people tended to sit. But usually had 100 lbs in the bow and the rest dispersed under the seats and behind the driver. When we had max amount of people, we didn’t use the lead.

    We typically ran the boat at 10.5-11.2, this also was dependent upon how many people were in the boat…slower for less weight. We tried to list the boat slightly to the surf side by shifting people or lead.

    For a wake shaper I built a BoB v5 wakeshaper that did awesome. There is a long thread on this forum discussing the different iteration and the build process. I modified mine a bit to accommodate the shape of the hull a little better. Because the rub rail dives down toward the back of the boat, it made it difficult to get the shaper far enough back and low enough on the boat. So I made it a little longer essentially allowing the suction cups to fit farther forward, but the blade of the shaper extended farther back. We found that the shaper did the best when it was as far back as it could go but still keeping the top edge of the shaper right at the surface of the water. If it was placed too low on the boat and submerged too far it doesn’t shape the wave as well. Same if it is placed too far out of the water.

    Here’s a pic of my shaper build. Amazon had the 1/2” HDPE and the suction device.
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      I have a 99 Maristar and have been very happy with the Swell Wakesurf creator slim H3X Plus ( )

      Not affiliated, just a happy customer. The slim model allows you to get it low and far back. Here are a couple of photos of mine installed.
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        Try these photos again...
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