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Does a Maristar have a decent slalom wake?

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  • Does a Maristar have a decent slalom wake?

    I finally have neighbor to ski with. This could give my family a break as drivers. He has a Maristar, I have a Prostar 197. Compare the wakes for competitive slalom practice.

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    The maristar is acceptable for recreation skiing, but I wouldnt call it a good ski wake. Stick with your prostar for skiing and sack out his maristar for afternoon surfing.


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      The wake on the Maristar is not a flat as the wake on a prostar. I don't think I've skied behind a 197, but I have skied behind a 190 and own a Maristar. To get the best ski wake on the maristar, you will need to add some bow ballast to flatten out the hull. However even after doing this, you'll still find the edge of the wake to be taller / sharper than the 197.


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        The answer is you'll just have to try to ski it, but if you're running it in a course no it is not a decent slalom boat and will not track well in the course. Just have him drive your boat.