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    Originally posted by waterlogged882 View Post
    Reading further into this thread, I have noticed (as many times in the past) folks talk about line-off loops and what works best for their wake for the comfortable spot...the best spot to avoid a hump in the wake or the flat spot, etc. Each to their own. Line-off loops have absolutely nothing to do with that aspect aside from a coincidence.
    Yes so I 100% think if someone is not actively competing in the course (and maybe even if they are) that the "line off loops" may not be the best or correct place to ski behind a boat. Several brands sell ropes with in between loops.
    • Additional loops at: 18.5', 25', 30' and 33.5' off.
    There are two ways to view this, having a rope with those "in between" loops is relatively meaningless to competition, it might help you get that next pass if it helps blend the steps - but a much more important use is that if you don't ski tournaments you can find what length is "best" for your boat and speed - which is BTW prop dependent and load dependent.

    The '22 hump is because on a boat of this specific length and size going "ski" speeds the prop disturbed water reaches the surface right there at '22 off give or take. But on some boats 25' or 23' or 21' might be really good.

    And as I will point out, if this is the difference between skiing 15, or 22, then I have no issue having people ski 25'.

    Personally I take a brand new rope and disassemble the rope and put all the really short ones, the 43, 41, 39, 38, loops in front of the long ones. So I can spread load between the loops. Makes the 15' loop last a whole lot longer than when 90% of my skiers use only the red loop. Instead I can have them be at 15'17'18 et.c Cheaper than masterline.