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HO EVO Freeride boot fit

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  • HO EVO Freeride boot fit

    We have his and hers HO EVO Freeride skis. They are our "cheater skis" as they are easy to get up on and make for fun cuts without alot of hard work. We are no longer 25 and getting older.

    My boots just won't fit right. I am a 12/13 narrow foot. My heel swims around no matter how tight i pull them. I am thinking of swapping the elastic upper pulls for something with no stretch. But I am about to admit that maybe these boots are not for narrow feet.

    Does anyone else with narrow feet use these boots and has a good solution?
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    1998 Prostar 205 (red)

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    I have narrow feet and find the Radar Vector is a good fit


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      Problem is HO direct connect only on that ski means you cannot just easily pop into a standard boot and they dont give you inserts.

      Do not replace the bungie's or you can get hurt.

      HO sells several types of boots for these skis you might do better in their highest end boot atleast on the front it's called a sky max boot. Taller at the ankle.


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        will hold off on replacing the bungies for now. Not interested in buying a new ski just yet. Will keep trying to find a solution here. Jumped back on my early 1990s Kidder Redline Pro Graphite sunday afternoon after a couple of seasons only on the EVO and the boots fit great but that ski is a handful at my age and shape. Always sucks to get reminded that you are in decline!
        1998 Prostar 205 (red)


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          In theory you could take almost any binding and stick it to the ski using 3M tape or 3M interlock velcro.

          the inserts in your boots are just velcroed in so you could pull them and put a spacer under it made of foam