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  • ‘22 Prostar propeller recommendation

    I just picked up a ‘22 Prostar 6.0L and want to buy a spare prop. AWSA approved propeller is an OJ 1709-MF 13.9x14.25”.

    Is there another recommendation? We primarily open water ski, and if we use in the course, we have lots of room. I’d prefer one that softens or minimizes the wake.

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    The 1709-MF is the best from a wake perspective. That's why it's the approved tournament slalom prop. The 867MF will give you a stronger pull and a little more speed, but the slalom wake will degrade some. That's the prop that's typically used for pulling jump.

    Most people think the wake on the 14-20 Prostar is a little better below 34mph. But the wake on the 21+ is still really good and it takes a little less driver attention to track straight in the course. Personally, I prefer driving the 14-20 a little over the 21+ because I like the livelier feel and don't mind having to pay a little more attention in the course.
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