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  • Ski size ?

    Finally decided on a radar theory. Not sure exactly what size would be best for me. I'm 180-190 lbs. 6'1". I'm in that grey area for 67-69" ski. I've skied my brothers older HO CDX 69" several times and do pretty well with it. From all the reading of posts and articles it sounds like a lot of people are around the same size if not bigger and are riding a 67" and like it.

    What are your opinions/experiences?


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    I'm shorter than you, same weight range, I ski on a 67 and its perfect. Go 67...


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      I agree with TxsRiverRat - 67. I'm 5'10" and weight varies between 180-200. I bought a 67" Theory last year. Personally I wouldn't want to go up to a 69" - way too big. I have the Vector front boot and ARTP. I LOVE this ski. Factory set-up was perfect out of the box for me. My ski buddy got a Connelly Outlaw - after skiing both, IMO the Theory is a step above in overall performance, yet still a very forgiving ski.


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        I am 180lbs and have the exact ski in a 67. Love it! Very mellow ski. Easy to get up on and can cut when I want it to. It is just a fun ski...


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          Thanks guys, a 67" is on its way! I don't think the bindings are coming setup on the ski. Does anyone know what the measurements should be to the back of the front binding?