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  • O'brien Combo RECALL

    Was researching a new set of combo skis when I came across a RECALL for O'brien performer combo skis.
    I contacted O'brien, Courtney Davis, great customer service! She said send in a picture of the skis then I got an email with a shipping label. I wrapped them in brown paper and took to a FEDEX drop off. She said to explain they will are recalled and will be destroyed so protecting them is not necessary.
    Anyway, she sent me an email stating I could get a replacement pair of combos AND a single tube. I told her I already had 3 tubes (don't kick me out of TMC), but could use a 2nd set of combos. Looking at the retail price of the tube and the 2nd set of combos was so close that she agreed to send 2 sets.
    I hope this can help someone else.
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    Thanks and best wishes, George & Sara Amonette
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    I’ll have to look into this. I believe I have a pair that fits that time frame and the bindings broke after only a couple uses (combos don’t see much use with us and were out of warranty). Hopefully I can get a replacement.


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      George, looking at a pair of these Obriens. How have they held up and how are the bindings? Can't tell if they are lace ones or ???

      Z-8 bindings

      Looking at these two types, and bindings.

      High school boys is target audience.
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      - Jeff

      1994 205, LT1