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Anyone have trouble with Masterline?

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  • Anyone have trouble with Masterline?

    I ordered a rope and handle from them back on 5/20... I have the order confirmation but it has not been shipped. I emailed them once already and have had no response. I know times are weird, but this seems a little too long.

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    Masterline is usually quick to ship and respond. Try emailing Russell at [email protected]


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      I ordered a customer rope from them about 4 years ago in the off season. Took about a month to get it if I recall. Not fast but it was custom and at the time I didn't care. Sounds like you may want to throw in a call to see what's up.

      Like you say though times are weird. Some places are thrilled to get the business and respond quickly others act like they're doing you some great favor picking up the phone. I just picked up some hose to plumb in a couple ballast bags from WakeMakers. These guys are typically all over it but my order ended up taking almost 2 weeks to process. Turns out their supplier wasn't shipping them product. They ended up express shipping my order 2 days later when it finally came into stock. Point is.... I think the supply chain is screwed up and many of these small companies are having issues with getting materials.


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        We ordered an Eagle jacket and a shirt on 5/31 and have not received it yet. Nothing custom. We do have a tracking number now. Called and emailed, frustrating experience.