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Fixing a classic!!!

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  • Fixing a classic!!!

    Hey everyone. I have a '74 that needs and wants to get back on the water. The stringers were replaced a few years back but it has sat for the last couple of years. It is a great boat and I would love to see it back on the waters of Lauderdale Lake, in SE Wisconsin, where it has been its whole life. My dad bought this boat back in 1976, so as you can see it is not only a classic but part of the family. My adult children would love to teach the grandkids to ski behind it I'm sure. Not really sure cost really matters....what I am looking for is someone that apprecitates the value of a useful vintage ski boat. There is, and never has been a purer wake than this boat..... big for tricks/wake, and flat for everything else. THanks.

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    So what do you wanna do, sell it or pawn, er, fix it?


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      Not sure what you are asking for??? If you are looking for a company to fix it and cost is not an issue check out Fountain of Youth in North Prarie, WI.