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  • gelcoat repair trailer fenders

    Looking for some tips on using gelcoat. I had significant damage to my trailer fenders. Lots of stress cracks and some broken sections. I repaired all of it using fiberglass and opened up the stress cracks. See the first pictures for what it looked like before the gelcoat.

    I purchased some Viper Red Spectrum gelcoat. Also added some colloidal silica to thicken the gelcoat as I am filling pretty big cracks on vertical surfaces. So far its been going pretty well. I put one coat on and sanded to see if there were any spots low and put another coat on and need to sand that. One issue I am seeing is some porosity and some specs with color in the gelcoat - I assume its from the silica. My plan is to sand and do a third coat if needed and then my last coat would be just gelcoat brushed on - no silica to make sure I have a perfect surface. Any suggestions/tips? Click image for larger version

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    KWSC - I had to do some repairs to my fenders as well. I may be wrong here, but i don't think they are gelcoated. I would recommend chucking that gelcoat in the trash and using conventional painting techniques.

    For mine, I sanded them down with 320, then primed using an etching primer, then wetsanded them flat, then used a single stage urethane paint from Sherwin Williams. Worked great.


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      Hmmm, interesting. Pretty sure they are gelcoat and I spent a bunch to get the right color so will stick with that for now…
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        Also, gel is meant as a spray applied product. Or at least, thats how its installed in a shop. I think you will have a tough time getting it flat with brushing. You could wet sand it all flat and then buff it, but those fender will be a pain to buff.

        Just my $0.02


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          I agree with Lakedrum on this. I had a chunk taken out of the fender on my X14 and I did the fiberglass work and sprayed them with PPG.


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            If you want to replace the tops with HydraDeck, they have a pattern for a 2008 dual axle I created. I'm sure it covers a few years.
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              Could you mix up some fiberglass epoxy with a color matching resin? I know several colors are available. Then you could sand to your liking and buff to finish.


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                Originally posted by SJ02 View Post
                Could you mix up some fiberglass epoxy with a color matching resin? I know several colors are available. Then you could sand to your liking and buff to finish.
                A fellow did a heck of a job here to give you an idea that it's not a difficult task.

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                  Wow, I forgot about that thread.
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8000.jpg
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ID:	2697228Yea, that worked great when I originally did it. Just last summer I went through the entire process again and repaired the dual axle trailer well as our flipper single axle.

                    So did 4 fenders last summer and turned out great!

                    I'll see if I can dig up some more photos......
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                      Nice work on those fenders. I've done a couple fender repairs but never as large as the ones you've tackled. Wish I had an indoor space like that to work in. It would certainly make our long winters feel shorter.


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                        I did have to wait for warmer weather though. Tried doing some work when it was cold and couldn't get things to set very well!

                        Finally painted them last summer and new LED lights.
                        - Jeff

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