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Cleaning swim platform non-slip pad

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  • Cleaning swim platform non-slip pad

    So due to a swim platform ladder install, I’ve had to replace a section of the Aqua Trac non-slip pad on a 2018 fiberglass swim platform and my MC OCD is butt hurt that the new section is noticeably lighter than the older sections. So much so that I thought maybe MC sent me the wrong color at first.

    I’ve tried several cleaning products and maybe went overboard with the options but none have really brightened the older Aqua Trac pad. I haven’t tried any cleaning tools other than a brush or microfiber cloth (I.e. no drill mounted brush) but kept an old (damaged) piece of Aqua Trac to test cleaning options on.

    I’m sure it will age to the same shade eventually but has anyone found any good cleaning products for Aqua Trac?

    products I’ve tried:

    •Light bleach solution (10:1) - recommended by AquaTrac
    •Isopropal alcohol (70%)
    •Low odor mineral spirits
    •Distilled white vinegar
    •Meguiars Carpet cleaner w/ brush​
    •Tidy bowl (ok so I was getting a little desperate)

    Weirdly the windex seemed to have the best results but nothing really worked great.

    Any better ideas on something that won’t damage the adhesive or fiberglass but would brighten the older grey Aqua Trac?
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    Seadek sells a cleaner for their product. I haven't tried it, so I can't give any first hand info.
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      Thanks! I’ll check it out!

      I wonder if Aqua Trac is still in business? My email to the advertised customer info mailbox bounced and the help line just went to voicemail and wasn’t returned…


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        So I purchased the Sea Dek cleaner and that did a nice job of cleaning the swim platform non-slip pad. I suppose it lightened it slightly but I guess it is going to have to take multiple treatments or age to the same shade over time.