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Cleaning cooking grease off teak

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  • Cleaning cooking grease off teak

    Looking for successful methods for cleaning cooking grease and misc junk off my teak swim platform?

    Leaving my 91 MariStar 240sc in a free slip on the weekends. Problem is due to extra weight, the swim platform is half in the water. This creates a screening effect for the bbq grease and other grey wastes dumped by the cruisers and houseboats that inhabit much of the dock.

    The 4th of July weekend was extra heavy and left a nasty, slick, black coat of gunk on the teak.
    I am going to have it in again this weekend to soften the grease, any cleaning tips?

    (from now on, I will probably be docking bow first so the platform is not in the calmest, dirty water.)
    1991 MariStar 240sc, 454, tower, WetSounds, Krypt and Rockford Fosgate

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    First... I wouldn't be boating there. Prolly your only economical choice though. I am not sure what to clean it with, but if its some sort of oil, I would guess that you are going to have to pull out the sandpaper and clean it up. Maybe someone else will be along to give you a better idea. I am thankful I have crystal clear clean lakes and rivers to boat in! Good luck!


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      Try Dawn for dishes. They have used it here to clean lard from a highway when a tanker spilled.........should work on that platform of yours.


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        Do the kids get to swim off the dock?


        Originally posted by bturner2
        Myself I'll live on the edge and surf without a helmet.


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          Any detergent will do fine for removing oil and grease. Dawn is fine, as are most other dish detergents. Other cleaners such as Simple Green are also detergents and should have no trouble with this. Use a soft brush to agitate the surface and let the detergent do its job. No need for sandpaper or other aggressive removal of teak.


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            My game plan was the dish detergent and brush/green scrubbing pad, just checking in case there was some strange bleaching or stripping of the teak I was unaware.

            I let it "soak" overnight and scrubed it on Sunday. Green pad worked good to get in between the slats. Cleaned up fine. Teak looked a little more dry than usual so I will probably call a buddy to board and make a trip out to storage mid week to reoil. I teak about once a month anyway given we are usually on the water Fri-Sun and sometime during the week. (Any excuse to get on the water )

            General water conditions are silty as are most midwest, man made reserviors but that really has nothing to do with the grease.
            Visit most any large marina, especially ones that use solid breaker walls, walk the big docks with cruisers and houseboats you will see the water in the back of the slips is fairly calm and can get a little funky with grey water discharge (and a few that have not had their black water disabled). I am sure with 4th parties, extra junk from serving pans, etc was discarded which created the condition.
            No most dont swim in the slips for a variety of reasons from funk, CO, zebra mussles.... Swimming outoutside the slips is also a little risky due to the boat traffic, that is what the LAKE and a COVE is for!
            1991 MariStar 240sc, 454, tower, WetSounds, Krypt and Rockford Fosgate