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Meguiar's Cleaning products?

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  • Meguiar's Cleaning products?

    Anyone use them?

    Im about do a detailing job on my boat and my friend was nice enough to let me use all of his stuff.

    I plan on using the One-Step Compound on the hull with an electric buffer. He also has this color restore product from Meguiar which im hoping will restore my faded gel coat. I know none of this is going to be as good as a wetsand, but im trying to avoid paying top dollars. I figure ill give it a shot with a little elbow grease and see how it turns out...

    Here are the products:

    Also, since my boat is saltwater used, I have some rust stains from the bolts on the rails. I was told that CLR might be able to remove the stains on the fiberglass? Any experience?


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      well not exactly the response i was looking for. I think im going to use the stuff i have available to me


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        Meguiar's is pretty good stuff. I have used it for years...
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          Originally posted by agarabaghi View Post
          well not exactly the response i was looking for. I think im going to use the stuff i have available to me
          I use the meguires on my boat and love it but make sure you use the marine products that they have. I would go to their internet site and buy from them in bulk and save some cash. Be very carefull useing a high speed buffer on the gel coat with a cutter polish you will leave swirl marks if you are not careful. The cutter polish will help restore the gel coat but once you start doing this you will have to make sure you keeep a very good wax on the boat to keep up the appreance. You should rinse the salt water off after every use and give a good wipe down. Use a good quality spray wax everyother time you rinse and wipe down to maintain in between waxings.


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            yea that is usually what i do, along with the flushing and what not. When we got the boat there was some fading n stuff, so im just hoping to bring back some of the shine and color. Is the One Step Compound considered a cutter polish? All of the products is from their marine line.


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              I'm no expert. My thought though is to maybe do a less aggressive polish after the one step compound.

              The one-step stuff in your link is described as aggressive so it might not leave the surface as smooth as ideal. I used Meguiars swirl remover (search for swirl remover on the Meguiars site) as my last step. I'm not sure if it made much of a difference but I felt like it was worth taking that last step to make sure I did what I could to make the surface as smooth as possible.


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                I used Meguiar's on the the following project and was very happy with the results:


                I looked at the one step, but for my case decided it was better to go with the dedicated oxidation remover, followed by polish, and then wax. The products work very well, the oxidation remover cuts fast but then breaks down and starts the polishing process really well.

                This is a better Meguiar's site (dedicated to marine) then the one you were looking at:


                There is a lot of opinions in this world, I would put the Meguiar's marine products up against any other product - I have experience with the 3M professional products as well and will simply say they are different, both get good results.


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                  I love the Meguiar's quick wax, very easy to use and looks great.


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                    I f you top off the last coat with Meguires Fleet wax it should last at least 6 months. I have a black hull and this stuff works!!!
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                      The Meguires three step system (standard auto stuff in the purple bottles) works great on boats. There is an early 90s Prostar owned by Brett on this board that has the best looking shine I have ever seen and this is what he uses. I do the same on mine and it looks great. Doug might be along to post a pic.
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                        I have been using Maguires carnuba wax for several years now (yes, that's probably a result of Bret's pictures).

                        As requested. Bret's boat.

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                          While using a high speed buffer / Polisher, keep in mind that the pad you use will do as much or more cutting that the product. Wool pads are the most agressive and in the Meguiar's system it goes from most to least agressive by color (foam pads) Burgandy,yellow, and then tan. Although now that they are owned by 3M you might wast to check the website to see if they have changed that. When I worked for Meguiars that is what the system was anyway. I have a fading issue with my transom as well and I use the dual action cleaner polish, which is like the one step. Just remember to be gental, although gelcoat is way more forgiving than automotive clear coat systems. Good luck!
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                            I use them, I just posted a picture in the General Discussion Section under X-Stars only, shows the reflection I got. WOW! black glass!

                            I will get the product numbers if you are want them.
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                              Yes, what products did you use?