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  • windshield gap

    My Maristar 200VRS has always had a gap in the walk thru windshield and several times the window has fallen thru if I went over a large roller...but it didn't do it every time. I have removed the rubber trim and pulled the windshield together as tight as possible but it didn't help. I noticed last week that the gap kept changing during the day and I finally realized that the gap changed according to how many people were sitting the bow. While sitting in the water or on the trailer, I can sit in the bow and move the windshield by grabbing each hand rail and pulling on them. So, it's not the windshield that is moving, it's the entire fiberglass hull. I removed all of my seat cushions and panels and made sure every screw was tight. There is nothing loose, my hull just flexes. Two thick women in the bow and hitting a roller = windshield falls thru.

    I trimmed down a piece of nylon/plastic and screwed it to the frame to take up the gap. No one knows it's there except me so I will see how it does on the water. If it works I'll cover the screws with black silicon and forget about it.
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    that looks to be a nice clean solution. good work!