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2007 X star large gel coat cracking

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  • 2007 X star large gel coat cracking

    Hey guys! First time post and I wasn't really sure where to put this so I went with appearances.

    So this is on a 07 X star which I am the second owner of and it has been in MD all of its life. The cracking was there when I bought it last year from the dealership on consignment but the crack has grown. I believe the white opaque mark around the cracking is from when the previous owner attempted to have it fixed. When I got it the cracking was only inside that white opaque area but now I have a crack extending much further towards the front where I have circled in red.

    My main questions are any idea what may be causing this and do you think it is worth contacting Mastercraft over?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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    I wonder if the PO got hit or hit something hard enough to flex the fiberglass fracturing it deep, did a cosmetic surface repair then sold the boat. Your use could be causing that area to flex and since the repair was cosmetic only, the cracks are reappearing and growing. I'd have a good fiberglass shop look at it.


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      I'd agree with the above. Almost looks the size of a jet ski that was possible sandwiched between two boats while rafted. Did you pull a history on the boat before you bought it?

      The only way you're going to fix that is to fix the underlying damage in the fiberglass. It can certainly be fixed but it won't be cheap and you'll have to make a decision on your graphics in the back. Unless this is going to be an insurance claim they'll add considerably to the cost of the repair.


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        Hey guys, thanks for the replies! Not sure if that's what I was looking to hear but it definitely makes sense. I did pull up the report from boatfax and boathistoryreport which both turned up nothing but that obviously doesn't mean much.

        I'd say what bothers me the most here is when I was knocking the price down they took off $1000 at one point but also dropped that they were going to have the gel coat repair done. Really wishing I had just told them to not worry about dropping that extra $1k and stick with having the owner do the repair.

        So the question concerning contacting Mastercraft about it, is it pointless because this is 100% clear that it's from collision?


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          If the dealership took responsibility for the repair I'd be going back to them to repair it properly.

          As far as MasterCraft proper fixing it, I doubt they would do so as it's already been worked on by someone. Typically if you have a warranty claim you have to go directly to the dealer.

          You mention you bought this from a dealership. Was this a MasterCraft dealership? If so they're going to be your source for any repairs for a warranty claim and I'd bet they already know the back story on the boat.


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            Bturner: I guess technically yes the boat was purchased from the dealership because even though it was on consignment the check was made out to them. The owner of the boat was going to pay for the repair, however me foolishly wanting to hurry and get into the boat of my dreams ended up negotiating $1k off the price in place of them taking care of the repair.

            I see what you mean though about MC not being able to offer any warranty since it has already been touched by a 3rd party.