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205V stereo upgrade

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  • 205V stereo upgrade

    Decided to upgrade the stereo this winter and finally finished. Had Arc Audio 5150, Hifonics brutus 1200 sub amp, Polk MM1040 sub, Arc tower speakers, and db651 polks in the cabin .

    Here's what I did:
    1. replace Brutus with Polk 1000.1 class D sub amp 800watts @2 ohms
    2.Added a Polk 400.4 D class amp to power the tower speakers 400 watts x 2 channels bridged @4 ohms
    3. Changed the sub to a MM1040DVC
    4. Rewired the Arc Audio 5150 to run the in cabin speakers
    5. Repaired the bazooka marine sub and connected to the arc audio sub channel
    6. added Kicker 6500.2 HLCD speakers in the stock cans

    Sounds great and much more bass. The polk amps are very small, put out no heat, are very efficient, and have tons of power.Haven't been able to test the HLCDs on the lake yet but are very clear 100' down the street
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    It always helps to power everything correctly and have the right equipment. Nice move on the upgrade.

    Someones gonna be cranking some tunes this summer!!
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      What did you use for your artificial wall?

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        You'll love those kickers. Mine get compliments and complaints constantly! Looks like a cutting board to me


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          Originally posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
          What did you use for your artificial wall?
          Tryed to buy some starboard but tap plastics had a very poor selection so ended up using a cutting board from walmart for $12. Would have been nice to have something grey but oh well...