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Adding 4 tower speakers and Amp to 2008 X-star

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  • Adding 4 tower speakers and Amp to 2008 X-star

    My boat presently has one stock 6 output jl amp that powers the stock jl boat speakers and sub. I have a four output bazoka amp and 4 bazoka tower speakers from my last boat that i would like to add to my boat.

    It has the stock Clarion head unit and cnet ipod adapter box.

    Question is how do I wire in the new amp to feed the new speakers. Where do I get the input from? Do I use rca splitters on the input of the existing system?
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    First, understand where the RCA cables are coming from on the head unit outputs and how to control those outputs.
    Your head unit outputs are likely front, rear, and no fade with the no fade providing the sub input to ch 5/6 on the amp.
    Without getting too fancy with a separate input controller like a WS 420, I would reccomend using the no fade for the sub channels and leave that one alone.
    Use the front outputs on the hu for the cockpit speakers and split those once to the 4 channels they are currently wired to.
    Then use the rear hu outputs to feed the new amp. If the new amp is 4 ch and you're not bridging the channels then split those once to feed all 4 inputs on the tower amp.
    Usually your line voltage thru the RCA cables will still be sufficient if you split them once on a low output voltage head unit like the clarion. If you start splitting the signal multiple times you will need a line voltage booster to keep good signal voltage.
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      I think I understand.