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Wired audio remote install

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  • Wired audio remote install

    I have an '04 prostar 209 and I'm in the process of installing a new "system". I'd like to install a wired remote to the drivers side of the boat for easy control of the stereo.. Any input would be appreciated... Problems ran into, advice, pictures etc.. Thanks

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    I agree that a wired remote next to the throttle is the way to go. I have mine setup that way and love it. I tried wireless remotes in the past, but the remote was never where I needed it! Here is LINK with some photos of my various stereo upgrades. I'm still running the Pioneer head unit and wired remote. But, I've upgraded to Bluetooth and changed out most of my stuff to Wetsounds. As for installing the remote, I think I used a 2 or 2.25 keyhole bit on a drill to cut the hole. Then, it was just a matter of pulling the wires. The remote seated perfectly in the hole. The mute button is what I find most indispensible! Good luck.

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      Thanks for the input, I am looking for a similar setup... Sharp boats!!