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JL Audio Tower Cans - M vs MX Series

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  • JL Audio Tower Cans - M vs MX Series

    Hey All,
    Looking to add two more tower speakers to my rig for next year. I'm wondering what the difference is between the two tower speakers offered by JL Audio. (Excuse the Canadian Links)


    Do i go with the MX to match what is on the boat?(13' X25) what would that be?

    The difference is see is 70W vs 100W ..

    should i care that its only 70 vs 100?


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    For that price, why not Wetsound Rev8/10?
    You can always turn the volume down if you over purchased...if there is such a thing.

    Guess it matters what you are looking for.
    Wakeboard speed at 70-80ft? Match what you have and max amp or 2-4 Rev 10's
    Surfing? What you have should be more than enough, can always add matching pair.
    Party cove? 6-8 rev 10's and at least 4 batteries.


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      I have two JL 770's (Don't know what is stock - MX or M) mounted to the tower already that were stock with the x25. 5 channel amp for the tower is my guess?
      I have barely had a chance to test it out before putting it in storage for winter. Just looking to prepare for spring.
      40% Surf, 30% Wake, 30% Cruise/hang out/swim and drink.

      My understanding is that rev's really throw? is it really worth it to dump the JL cans and go 4 Rev's for the sake of it?


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        I would wait then and do some more research over the winter time. Rev's will throw but four 7.7s are nothing to be ashamed of. Once you have had your boat on the water then decide if you need more power and how much more. You may also find someone unloading a set of factory speakers to match what you already have between now and spring.

        I would personally do two Rev 10's out the outside to clear some headroom in the middle, then sell the 7.7s you have. We also spend a lot more time boarding than anything else.


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          Found this as well.


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            The basic answer to your question is the MX has a .75" tweeter and the M has a 1" tweeter. For a tower speaker, I like the version with the most power handling and larger tweeter. Given that you already have a pair, I dont see any downside to going with either pair. Power the setup correctly, and you will be pleased with the mid-bass and SQ.

            Now, If you are looking for a wake range specific setup, I would consider a single pair of HLCDs, over adding a 2nd pair of coaxials. But, this route could also mean an amp upgrade as well.


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              Pretty sure the tower speakers you have are m series. I would pull those two to the middle and throw 2 m880s on the outside and re power with an mhd amp...


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                Huge difference between an 'M' and 'MX' on the tower.
                The M has a larger tweeter. Whether or not you need the extra high frequency energy within the boat, you definitely need extra treble power to project over distance.
                The M series 770 comes in a 'T' version (also a 'C' version for in the boat) which is acoustic suspension rather than infinite baffle so the 'T' performs much better in the tiny displacement of a small pod. The MX has one 770 driver only and it is infinite baffle and intended for the coaming.
                The pod model designations don't reflect these distinctions like the individual driver model #s.


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                  thanks everyone for the help. So what is being said is that I have the black enclosed cans. those would be the MX series? Best option is to at least buy the 770 M's
                  Upgrade ideas will be that I Go 880's on outside. run the 770's on the inside? or Go Revs?


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                    You have m series tower speakers


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                      Okay was just reading the linked thread on the nxt. Thanks Scott. Appreciate the advice everyone.